Reading Group with Ayman Alazraq

Length: 1:01:24 • Recorded on January 21, 2021


Ayman Alazraq makes films, photos, and mixed media artworks. His short film The Passport was screened at the National Museum of Cinema in Turin (Italy) and the Cologne International Video Art Festival (Germany) among other places. His video and photography installation You From Now On Are Not Yourself was screened in venues in Spain, Norway, Denmark, and the Gaza Strip. In 2015, Alazraq’s short film Oslo Syndrome was presented in the autumn exhibition in Oslo, Dubai International Film Festival, and London Palestinian film festival. His collaborative work with Emanuel Svedin was shown at Galleri Podium in Oslo and Theaterhaus Jena in Germany in 2017. Alazraq and Svedin were awarded a permanent public art installation at Høgskolen på Vestlandet, which was inaugurated in 2019.